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Published May 08, 21
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Hole diameter is equivalent to anchor size. The washer should likewise be larger than the component hole.

The drill bit size ought to be the very same as the anchor size. It is vital that the hole is cleared of all dust and debris utilizing a wire brush, compressed air, or vacuum. Place the washer and nut on the anchor, turn the nut a couple turns. Not totally threading the nut safeguards the threads of the wedge anchor when hammering into the hole.

Carefully hammer the anchors into each hole making sure that the threads go listed below the surface of the concrete or past the edge of the fixture and that the minimum embedment is met. Tighten up the nut- finger tight. Utilize a wrench to tighten the nut 3-4 turns, or use a torque wrench to guarantee they are tightened up to the required torque worth.

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When setting a wedge anchor, it is very important that the nut just is screwed on finger tight. Each anchor diameter has a needed torque worth to which it must be tightened. When the anchor is appropriately set, all that is protruding above the concrete is the nut, washer, and a part of the threads.

The length of the anchor can be difficult to figure out given that the depth of embedment might be unidentified. To help recognize the length of a set up anchor, an identification code has actually been established. A letter is stamped on completion of the threaded part of the anchor so that the length can be easily identified after installation (Wedge Anchors) (Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors).

Zinc-plated carbon steel wedge anchors are used in interior applications, where rust is not a factor. The anchor, nut, washer, and clip are all made of zinc-plated carbon steel.

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All of the parts in these anchors are made from this resistant 316 steel. Introduction Wedge anchors are an outstanding choice when anchoring into strong concrete.

It is essential to make sure that the appropriate diameter and length are used in each application to ensure that the wedge anchor is set properly and safely.

Developed to anchor objects into concrete, our supply high load-carrying capability and lower slip in a variety of installation conditions. Sometimes called wedge bolts, wedge anchors operate on an expansion concept.

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Wedge Anchors or anchor bolts, as they are widely called, are utilized to connect any other material to the concrete. The anchor then expands and holds itself inside the concrete.

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